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New Mini-Book:
Fast Projects with Sanity
Applying the 3 Secrets of QRPD

QRPD Articles and Downloads


In the following articles you'll gain:

  • an introduction to the 147 proven acceleration techniques that can help you complete projects in half the time
  • information on the common pitfalls of development projects and how to avoid them
  • strategies that can help you get your product into the market first and beat the competition
  • powerful ideas that have helped hundreds of companies just like yours cut project costs in half, while doubling the fun
  • the techniques that go beyond any you may have read about, learned, or tried as we get to the core methodologies that can make your projects successful right now

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QRPD Overviews
Powerful Project Visions for Developing Products in Half the Time
QRPD's Oxymoron Wisdoms - Doing What "Doesn't Make Sense," But Actually Does

Specific QRPD Topics
The 7 Sins that Prevent Quality Rapid Product Development, And Their Remedies
Do It Right the First Time and Develop Products in Half the Time! The 5 Keys to DIRFT
Achieving Conscious Product Development with QRPD
Getting Relevant to Get Results - Being a Project Leader that Technical Teams Love
Overcoming Obstacles to Rapid Product Development: Implementing QRPD
QRPD- A New Way to Quickly Deliver Enabling IT Solutions
Using Virtual Teams and QRPD to Do Projects at Warp-Speed
Using QRPD to Manage a Strategic Partnership

“You and your team have added enormous value to Lam and to myself. QRPD emphasizes trade-offs, risk management, and leadership on the fuzzy front end – all key ingredients in developing products in our industry. I feel like we have gotten and continue to get our money’s worth. While we are not yet at a state of unconscious maturity, we are certainly progressing toward that end. Thank you.”

Rick Gottscho, VP and GM Etch Products
Lam Research, a leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer

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