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New Mini-Book:
Fast Projects with Sanity
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Projects at Warp-Speed with QRPD® plus
48 FLOW Deliverables

For the first time, purchase the 9th Edition of the QRPD Guidebook and editable versions of the 48 deliverables in one package. Create, or buttress your process with the Deliverables that used to cost thousands.

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Projects at Warp-Speed with QRPD

FLOW Deliverables

qrpdbook2.jpg- A fully updated 147 techniques to accelerate development.

- A detailed comparison of how QRPD contains and goes beyond all of the other methodologies.

- A PocketCard for quick reference.

- Dozens of case studies and examples of how to succeed and not blow it.

- This and more truly makes it the Definitive, comprehensive Guidebook to QRPD: “Quality Rapid Product Development”.

The QRPD Flow process is a concurrent, parallel, and iterative development method model that provides structure to manage risk and ensure quality, and flexibility to handle uncertainty and change, providing teams with far superior results than traditional sequential "waterfall" models.

VIEW SAMPLE Deliverable: # I-2 Action Item List (PDF)

VIEW SAMPLE Deliverable: # I-5 Project Vision (PDF)

View All 48 Deliverables

Pricing Packages

Corporate Site License
Includes 5 Books and unlimited use of the 48 Deliverables company-wide.
Price: $999
Team License
Includes 1 Book and team use (up to 10 people) of the 48 Deliverables.
Price: $179
Individual License
Includes 1 Book and your personal use of the 48 Deliverables.
Price: $99

Full List FLOW Deliverables:

  1. Deliverable: # 0-1 New Project/Product Proposal
  2. Deliverable: # 0-2 Rough Business Case
  3. Deliverable: # 0-3 Concept Feasibility Assessment
  4. Deliverable: # 0-4 New Project Evaluation Request
  5. Deliverable: # I-1 Team Roles List
  6. Deliverable: # I-2 Action Item List
  7. Deliverable: # I-3 Key Decisions List
  8. Deliverable: # I-4 Meeting Guidelines and Schedule
  9. Deliverable: # I-5 Project Vision
  10. Deliverable: # I-6 High-Level Design, Requirements, and Specification Documents
  11. Deliverable: # I-7 Project Risks
  12. Deliverable: # I-8 Chicken Test Definition Document
  13. Deliverable: # I-9 Milestone List
  14. Deliverable: # I-10 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  15. Deliverable: # I-11 Team Responsibility Matrix
  16. Deliverable: # I-12 Product Cost
  17. Deliverable: # I-13 Project Cost (Budget)
  18. Deliverable: # I-14 Preliminary Test, Publications, Operations, and Marketing Plans
  19. Deliverable: # I-15 Tools and Equipment List
  20. Deliverable: # I-16 Project Schedule with Resources
  21. Deliverable: # I-17 New Product Introduction (NPI) Checklist
  22. Deliverable: # I-18 PTCR Trade-off Tables
  23. Deliverable: # I-19 ROI and NPV Analysis
  24. Deliverable: # I-20 Late-Cost-Per-Week (LCPW)
  25. Deliverable: # I-21 5-year Roadmap
  26. Deliverable: # I-22 Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Checklist and Minutes
  27. Deliverable: # I-23 New Project Kickoff Announcement
  28. Deliverable: # II-1 Detailed Design and Specifications Documents
  29. Deliverable: # II-2 DDR Checklist and Minutes
  30. Deliverable: # II-3 Critical Design Review Checklist and Minutes
  31. Deliverable: # II-4 CDR Signoff Form (System Chicken Test Passed)
  32. Deliverable: # II-5 Detailed Test, Publications, Operations, and Marketing Plans
  33. Deliverable: # II-6 Development Test Review Checklist and Minutes
  34. Deliverable: # II-7 Final Design Review (FDR) Checklist and Minutes
  35. Deliverable: # II-8 Design and Build Documentation
  36. Deliverable: # II-9 Development Pre-Release Checklist and Minutes
  37. Deliverable: # III-1 Alpha Test Plan
  38. Deliverable: # III-2 Alpha Test Review Checklist and Minutes
  39. Deliverable: # III-3 Design and Build Documentation
  40. Deliverable: # III-4 Final Publications, Operations, and Marketing Plans and Materials
  41. Deliverable: # III-5 Development Release for Pilot Checklist and Minutes
  42. Deliverable: # III-6 External Test Plans
  43. Deliverable: # III-7 External Test Review Checklist and Minutes
  44. Deliverable: # IV-1 Pilot Run Review Checklist and Minutes
  45. Deliverable: # IV-2 First Customer Ship Approval
  46. Deliverable: # IV-3 Design and Build Documentation
  47. Deliverable: # IV-4 Release to Production/Delivery Checklist and Minutes
  48. Deliverable: # IV-5 Project Lessons Learned Report

"QRPD provides an excellent framework for effective management of any difficult project, and emphasizes the elements essential to reducing product development times to meet the demands of today's business environment. Today, the principles apply to an advanced development laboratory as well as to a product development and manufacturing operation."

Dr. James Boyden
Interval Research Corporation, former Hewlett-Packard Laboratory Director, HP LaserJet and InkJet technologies developer

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