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Client Success Stories - Semiconductor Equipment Company

A well-known semiconductor equipment company had struggled for a couple of years with problems including excess particle damage on its machine that it sold for $1.5 million used for chemical vapor deposition on wafers. With sales floundering and major customers wishing to jump ship, the company issued a do or die edict to that division in the fall of 1998. That's when Rick, the director of Engineering, and General Manager of the PCVD Division decided to bring in QRPD. In 60 days nothing short of a miracle transpired. The COO, or Chief Operating Officer, of this 4000-person company later said that in those 60 days more technical progress was made on the development of that machine than in the two prior years.
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At first reluctant but willing to give this process a chance, Rick embraced QRPD fully. He had most of his 60-person team go through not only the 2-day QRPD foundation course but also deeper trainings of 1-day courses in Project Planning and Control, Meeting Management, and for a smaller group of his leaders, a 1-day course in Project Leadership.

Rick says, "Before my organization took QRPD training, we were trying to do too much at one time. Of all the QRPD teachings, "do less sooner" had the greatest impact. Saying the words helped, but the regular, consistent coaching by the Global Brain (QRPD) team enabled us to live the words and walk the talk. Now there is no one in my organization who does not know what project they are working on or what the goals of the organization and project are. As a result, I work less hard today but get more done than before."

Rick had the courage necessary to "Invest Now to Save Later". Not only did he send much of his organization, including himself, for nearly 5 days of these trainings, be he and his group used QRPD's guideline of using 25% of your schedule for planning. With "their world ending in 60 days", they used 15 precious days to complete phase 1 and got aligned and clear on setting "SMART" goals-Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Risk-Assessed/Realistic, Timely-and how to accomplish them.

Many people in his group thought Rick had lost his marbles and couldn't understand spending this time given the urgency of their drop-dead deadline. They would have much preferred spending that time doing actual technical work (although they did do some of course, needed to validate their planning). Rick realized they had to do something different as they had already tried it the old way for a couple of years. In time, as interim successes began to surface, more and more people got on the bandwagon and a critical mass formed.

By Christmas the group had attained 85% of their very aggressive, written success metrics that they had signed up for in the 60-day period. In return, the executive management promised them substantial size bonuses if they achieved their goals. The group received 85% of them. But Santa's best present that year was that they now finally had a working machine they were proud of!

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