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The results for these companies speak for temselves. These technology-driven companies tell you how QRPD: "Quality Rapid Product Development" reduced their product development time by at least 50%:
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Niles Audio

At Niles Audio, a leading in-home entertainment manufacturer based in Miami, Florida, Vice President of Sales Frank Stern reports: "From the time we convened and said, 'let's make a keypad,' to the time we shipped was seven months. If we had done it the old way it would have taken a year and half." The first Niles Audio product born of QRPD, the "Intellipad", won best product of the year at the CEDIA show, and greatly exceeded sales forecasts for the next three years. Read Full Niles Audio Success Story >

Tellium, Inc.

Tellium announced in April 1999 it's next-generation Aurora Optical Switch at the SuperComm show in Atlanta, Georgia and on June 8 signed a multi-year $250 million agreement with Dynegy for the delivery of the first intelligent optical switching network. This success only came as a result of having introduced QRPD training, facilitated, and coaching in January of that year. Ed Glassmeyer, founding general partner of the venture capital firm Oak Investments, the leading financial partner for the Tellium start-up, had the foresight to suggest to the company that it bring in the QRPD methodology and a qualified QRPD consultant. Read Full Tellium Success Story >

Semiconductor Equipment Company

A well-known semiconductor equipment company had struggled for a couple of years with problems including excess particle damage on its machine that it sold for $1.5 million used for chemical vapor deposition on wafers. With sales floundering and major customers wishing to jump ship, the company issued a do or die edict to that division in the fall of 1998. That's when Rick, the director of Engineering, and General Manager of the PCVD Division decided to bring in QRPD. In 60 days nothing short of a miracle transpired. The COO, or Chief Operating Officer, of this 4000-person company later said that in those 60 days more technical progress was made on the development of that machine than in the two prior years. Read Full Semiconductor Equipment Company Success Story >

A Slick Software Miracle Story at a Major International Oil Company

In the IT department a time-bomb was ticking. The members of the project team for the division's critical data warehouse initiative was 6 months into a 9 month project--and the team was still mired in gathering customer requirements. This project was critical to delivering performance insights to the division's business analysts. With the right information, these analysts would be able to make better pricing decisions that could result in millions of additional dollars in revenue; and pinpoint the sources of customer shipment issues quickly to reduce lost revenue and costs associated with their correction. The prospects were grim for delivering these benefits on time. Read Full Oil Company Success Story >
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