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Client Success Stories - Tellium, Inc.

Tellium, Inc., announced in April 1999 it's next-generation Aurora Optical Switch at the SuperComm show in Atlanta, Georgia and on June 8 signed a multi-year $250 million agreement with Dynegy for the delivery of the first intelligent optical switching network. This success only came as a result of having introduced QRPD training, facilitated, and coaching in January of that year. Ed Glassmeyer, founding general partner of the venture capital firm Oak Investments, the leading financial partner for the Tellium start-up, had the foresight to suggest to the company that it bring in the QRPD methodology and a qualified QRPD consultant.
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This well-funded start-up spun out of Bellcore as a joint venture with SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) and Ortel, two large players in optical communications. In January of 1999, it boasted about 70 employees of them 40 engineers, many of them PhD's. Their CEO at the time, Mike Hodges, called an "all hands" meeting to discuss the 16 projects under three product umbrellas. "The number of projects Tellium had undertaken was unusually high for a startup," Hodges commented. With the help of the QRPD consultant and the permission of the board he sharply focused Tellium's efforts through a painful narrowing of projects that proved critical to its survival.

Suffering from PhDitis, QRPD helped a great group of smart engineers to "get real" and make the Aurora product finally work, an hour before the truck came to pick it up for the SuperComm show. Hodges said that thanks to QRPD, in the 60 days between when the course was taught and shipping to the show the engineers caught on fire, after having spent a couple years mired in technical difficulties prior to that.

Ed Glassmeyer called what happened on Aurora a miracle and was thankful to QRPD for helping to make it happen. What wasn't a miracle was that Tellium, Inc. went public in September 2000, raising $213 million dollars.

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