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Client Testimonials

Here is just a sampling of what our clients say about QRPD and the results they are able to achieve with our product development techniques.
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Success Stories


“Adept broke new ground with an offsite "leave with a spec" meeting using QRPD techniques and facilitated by Global Brain, Inc. It gave the project a powerful boost and, as a result, enabled the team to meet the challenge of completing the project in a very short time to market. Successful completion of the project helped the company in retaining its key customers and getting new ones.”
Alex Finkelman
Pendant Project Manager, Adept Technology, a leading Robotics and Intelligent Automation company

“Thanks to implementing QRPD we slashed the time it took to release a new chain (for chainsaws) that cuts 20% faster to about 8 months. Previously this project would have taken 18 months or longer. Our salespeople and customers are very excited about this product and our short time-to-market.”
Jeff Moore
Vice President of Engineering & Quality, Blount Inc., Oregon Cutting Systems Group

"We used the QRPD methodology to introduce some new concepts to our product development team in New Zealand. The methodology provides a common sense approach to Projects. We produced completed units at our Taiwan manufacturer in 6 months instead of the usual 8 to 10 months. These were outstanding results, but the follow-up success of subsequent projects in 4 months and 3 months demonstrate the strong principles behind the QRPD approach. The Vision document unified the team and focused everyone on the main thing."
Frank Matsumoto
Stratex Networks, Manager of RF Development

"The project was completed in 9 months vs. 18 months...We satisfied a major customer, Intel... with a novel award-winning product in record time... We could easily do this again and again..."
Gordon Simmons
Project Leader, Plantronics, the world's leading supplier of communication headsets

"Following QRPD allowed us to ship our latest voice mail system in 10 months, and in half the time of the previous, comparable system."
Pedro Rump
Director of Engineering, Rolm Systems, a Siemens Company

"We are delivering projects in months instead of years and at costs far less than even a year ago."
Jon Hockenberry
Project Manager, Shell Services

"A 60% improvement in product development time was achieved (18-20 months vs. 42 months)."
Abbott Critical Care Systems

"QRPD has given us a clearly articulated process for developing products. We are now developing products in a fraction of the time that it took before we adopted QRPD. Furthermore our product development managers have been very pleased with Global Brain's Executive Coaching program. Not only are weaknesses identified through an analysis of past performance, but prescriptive methods are applied to boost individual performance to a higher level."
Israel Ury
co-founder of Ortel, Chief Technical Officer, Agere, a division of Lucent

"There are many courses and training opportunities being offered by 'general training' organizations ­ most of which make a lot of promises, but this seminar really delivered."
Alfred Lester
Compass Consulting

"Great [Project Leadership] workshop, thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think [the instructor] is well versed.  He brings enthusiasm as well as relevant commentary to the subject."
Charles Ross
Design Engineering Manager
Lam Research Corporation

"Before my organization took the QRPD training, we were trying to do too much at one time. Of all the QRPD teachings, "do less sooner" had the greatest impact. Saying the words helped, but the regular, consistent coaching provided by the Global Brain team enabled us to live the words and walk the talk. Now, there is no one in my organization who does not know what project they are working on or what the goals of the organization and project are. As a result, I work less hard today but get more done than before."
Rick Gottscho
General Manager, PCVD Division, Lam Research

"Ori may be a visionary for what new product development will be like in the next century."
David Andersen
Instructor on Design For Manufacturability, University of California Berkeley

"From the time we convened and said, "Let's make an Intellipad," to the time we shipped was seven months.  If we had done it the old way, it would have taken a year and a half."
Frank Stern
VP Sales, Niles Audio, a leading entertainment manufacturer

"QRPD provides an excellent  framework for effective management of any  difficult project, and emphasizes the elements essential to reducing product development times to meet the demands of today's business environment.  Today, the principles apply to an advanced development laboratory as well as to a product development and manufacturing operation."
Dr. James Boyden
Interval Research Corporation, former Hewlett-Packard Laboratory Director,
HP LaserJet and InkJet technologies developer

"QRPD's vision process uncovered major disagreements and disconnects on business and technology issues early in our Billing Project that would have caused serious design problems and delays later."
Carol Cain
Sr. Vice-President, VISA

"We completed the latest Molecular Beam Epitaxy machine for depositing gallium arsenide on wafers, in eight months instead of the usual year and a half.  80% of the stuff we tried from the methodology worked on this first implementation attempt, and as we learn more we'll do even better."
Dave Atchley
Engineering Manager, Intevac

"QRPD supplied the glue to pull our TQM, MOB, RPD training together and finally get an ROI. The 'impossible' can be done with QRPD."
Laurie Hewitt
Runzheimer International,
a software services and products company.

"QRPD put into place many of the techniques which we have applied, tried to apply, or should have applied on our projects."
Cindy Hendershot, Program Manager
HTI-Link Space Station Simulation and Training Facility

 "QRPD identified the common success factors that maximize the probability of a successful product introduction.  Today, the elements of QRPD assist project teams to do the right things....  With the new philosophy of empowering project teams, QRPD is changing the way we do business....  We saw an improvement not only in the timeliness of new product development but also in the excitement and pride the participants in the process felt.  Today the entire team takes ownership of the project objectives and makes it happen....  When they see something that should be done, they make sure it gets done!"
Tina Ohlhaver
R&D Productivity Manager, Avantek, a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard

"He's a lively speaker and has a lot of anecdotal experience to draw from and share.  He exemplifies many of the themes of the course:  professionalism, quality, rapid results."
QRPD Student
University of California  Berkeley Extension

"Although the material in QRPD: The Guidebook appears at first glance to be targeted at manufacturers, I've personally found the concepts quite applicable to service organizations too.  In addition, the QRPD methodology is very useful to those responsible for technology assessment, particularly the areas of risk analysis and management. "
Neil K. Jablon
Manager for Wireless Development, AirTouch Communications

"Does QRPD work... Damn right it does!"
Robert J. Russell
Sr., Manager of International Engineering Projects, VeriFone

"Everybody has to go through this course.  With the synergy it creates 10 people who take it could do the work of 20 people.  We met our demanding schedule and successfully deployed a complex satellite transceiver system in Brazil right on time.  This experience, and if everyone on the team takes the course, will make the next project go even faster!"
Jim Barbera
Project Leader, Vitacom Corporation

"This would be a great course for ANYONE who's company does product development and wants to improve the efficiency of the process."
QRPD Student
University of California  Berkeley Extension

"I found it [QRPD: The Guidebook] to be a very interesting distillation of a ton of management wisdom, much of which is applicable outside the product development function."
Pat McMahon
Quality Improvement Manager, Acuson

"This course is timely and relevant.  It fills a gap between Engineering and Business courses.  The instructor is articulate and keeps the subject matter interesting."
QRPD Student
University of California  Berkeley Extension

"The 10 Commandments and checklist of 115 techniques contain a wealth of tips, tricks, and traps-to-avoid."
QRPD Student
University of California  Berkeley Extension

"Excellent course.  I learned of several important new techniques to add to our existing Rapid Product Development Program." 
IEEE Engineering Management Society Workshop participant

"Great stuff, thorough, well presented and really useful NOW."
QRPD Student
University of California Berkeley Extension

"This course has had an immediate impact on my life (and not just making me late for dinner).  I now have a clear picture of project management, and a powerful methodology for making things happen."
IEEE Engineering Management Society Workshop on

"Very good detailed oriented type of work shop real things I can use in the future not only theory." 
Jose Ysaguirre
Project Leader, Raytek

"This course is a real jewel! I've recommended it to numerous colleagues."
QRPD Student
University of California  Berkeley Extension

"Thanks for teaching this inspiring course.  I can use ALL of the things in many situations in life!" 
Paul Tang
Technical Support Engineer, Verifone

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