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What is QRPD?

QRPD (Quality Rapid Product Development) uses a proven set of global best-practices to effectively manage your people, resources, risks and tasks to get the results you want. With QRPD you can achieve rapid time-to-market, high-product quality, and maximum return on investment.

Expect Measurable Results

Published case studies document exceptional results on how QRPD routinely cuts development time and costs by 50%, while time and again delivering higher quality. You'll also improve your productivity, morale, and fun, as you predictably and consistently hit your schedules within 10%.

Because of our experience training, facilitating and coaching—and our client's successes—we're confident that you too can do Quality Rapid Product Development and engage at faster-than-light velocities!

“We completed project “Sleipner” (an 8-legged horse of the Gods in Swedish mythology) in a record time of 10 months—and half the time of a previous comparable project. Global Brain’s visit jumpstarted our race and QRPD gave us a common platform and understanding for all the members in our business unit. We now work rapidly in a new way thanks especially to QRPD’s tools of the Project Vision and Late-Cost-Per-Week (LCPW).”

Christer Sahlberg
R&D Manager, Electronics, Parker Hannifin Mobile Controls Division in Sweden, leaders in controlling and monitoring hydraulics in mobile machines

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